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World of Warcraft ~ Understanding Endgame

February 14, 2010 2 comments

This post is fueled by a rant I have held back more than just once for players who simply don’t get what they’re doing; DKs in spell-power gear, Discipline Priest without Power Word:Shield on their action bars, Hunters speccing all their points in one talent tree (occasionally having half a dozen of unspent points), gemming expertise on a warlock, leaving half your rogue’s gear unenchanted…

Yes, these are all mistakes that will happen when you’re misinformed or simply new to the game.  It doesn’t take much effort, nor is it too complicated to understand what’s what to each class, but indeed it can be horrendous for a new player grasping all of these basics.  And rather than being yet another one who complains openly and successfully achieving an “Elitist Jerk” title (which surely beats a clueless failure – and what the thread starter says is pretty true). Read more…

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