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LotRO: The Path of the Hunter [Introduction]

July 15, 2010 1 comment

“The Hunter is the class of choice for players who enjoy striking a target at range. Clever by nature, the Hunter is known to lure his targets into traps to hinder them, giving him time to use his bow to deadly effect. A Hunter’s knowledge of nature also provides skills that help him and his fellows survive in the wild. A Hunter’s combat style depends on the ability to injure a foe while staying out of harm’s way"

 image Class Overview

spunlightThe Hunter’s strengths consist primarily around single target nuking, ranged damage, with "support" melee abilities intended for finishing off weakened mobs or crippling their movement to gain ranged distance (or until the tank takes the mob back on him/her).

A hunter is equipped with a few useful Crowd Control abilities (Snares, Roots, Fears) which may turn an impossible fight into an easy walk in the park or to turn the tide when things start looking dire.  Communication is recommended when you’re engaging in Crowd Control abilities to avoid friends breaking the CC.

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