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LotRO: Leveling with friends

July 23, 2010 Leave a comment

MMOs are, from my perspective, games you should experience together with other people, preferably friends you’ve known for some time.  It’s what I’m doing myself, and it sure as hell is fun.  This post relevance is not much of a guide on how to level while grouped, but rather a recollection of what I’ve experienced so far while leveling together with mates as opposed to leveling solo.

It all comes down to fun, and boredom.  You’ll experience both in higher dosage.  Leveling together will most definitely be more interesting than doing the content on your own.  You’ll often chatting up while doing common quests which may not be too interesting which makes the time spent playing definitely more interesting.  Hard, annoying, time-consuming quests can easily turn into easy, rewarding, efficient quests which you’ll enjoy going through.