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WoW ~ Introduction to PVP – Part 1 Battlegrounds

February 12, 2010 1 comment

A major selling point of WoW nowadays is the PVP side of the game, where players clash against one another with pure competitive spirit.  Since WoW’s launch, pvp was available to an extent, but nowhere close to what it is now.  It was lacking to say the least, and it simply consisted of promises, rather than reality.

PVP eventually evolved and out of it sprouted Battle Grounds, Arenas, and siege-powered (:P) PVP grounds such as Wintergrasp.

The main concept is having Horde and Alliance clash against one another, and blizzard seems to have done a fairly good job at transmitting realistic attitudes to each other’s side (A reference to Alliance vs Horde discussions, killing your brain cells on a daily basis!), fueling their need to beat one another and dominate the field of war. Read more…

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