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March 2011 Updates–Guilds and Troubles[again]

March 26, 2011 Leave a comment

This is for you Silent, be grateful you useless piece of breakage Surprised smile.

Let’s discuss, once again – oh hell yeah?! GUILDS.

It’s about the only thing which is strictly MMO related that I can write about.  I’ll be adding some other stuff in regards to my Let’s Play channel on YouTube and so on and so forth soon enough, but for this particular blog post I’ll just stick to something a little bit more personal (I guess?)

Another Break

Let’s start off by saying I’m out of WoW for yet another period of time.  Now don’t paint the bad picture here – I thoroughly enjoyed the game and was glad to be part of the launch, but as Nick said – they don’t deserve the sub.  No, really – paying 15 bucks every month where all you get is an initially good game, which is later followed up with a bunch of bullshit “content additions” is just not worth it.

The next big patch is just old content getting recycled (literally) and a couple of quests added (once again – literally) with some pets and mounts (recycled skins).  Yeah … NO. Read more…

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