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Enter Cataclysm

December 29, 2010 Leave a comment

It is no big news at this point that Cataclysm turned out to be quite a game changer for World of Warcraft.  This is the 3rd expansion, and rather than expanding and adding a ton of new content, Blizzard decided to add some, and refine what there was.


Azeroth under went surgery (it failed – got nuked) and while resources have lessened, and plenty of new problems arose, Deathwing will be watching and smokin’ us out every now and again to remind us what this expansion is all about.

Everyone’s busy improving their characters and doing their best to reach the summit in either pvp, pve or sucking.

Plenty of players still shocked at the step-up of difficulty when it comes to playing the class, compared to Wotlk expansion while some, like me, are eagerly hoping for the difficulties to keep steadily increasing and help refine and improve the player base.

Initially I joined a great deal of pugs with which we got absolutely dismantled.  At this point I’m starting to see more solid groups, even when fully pugged that at times outperform our guild-created groups (mainly because we tend to have a weakly geared leecher getting boosted). Read more…

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Gaming Attitudes

July 28, 2010 Leave a comment

I’ve published a similar post before, but I decided to rewrite it since it was quite outdated, and could use a brush up on both English and presentation.  This post is about Gaming Attitudes we commonly meet while playing multiplayer (online) games.

I encounter many of these types quite often, less so since I joined LotRO, whose community is smaller and more mature, but I still occasionally encounter a black sheep.  The black sheep become “the sheep” in WoW, and the more mature attitudes are like golden nuggets, which apparently are extremely hard to stumble upon.

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Starting Lord of the Rings Online

July 13, 2010 Leave a comment

It’s been months now since our guild downed The Lich King on WoW.  And I was fairly disappointed in it myself seeing we downed him with troubles while out geared the encounter (normal mode) with a 15% buff hugging us.  Still, I joined to whoop the lich kings ass and somehow it happened.  I left WoW, and sadly the guild as well because of a highly irritable officer so what lies ahead for me once Cataclysm hits, I personally have no clue.

Regardless, for the time being – I shifted my watch on to Lord of the Rings Online.  A game I played back in 2009 Summer, and greatly enjoyed.  Sadly didn’t give it the attention it deserved, and didn’t quite make it past classic Shadows of Angmar.

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How to level up your alt?

March 13, 2010 2 comments

It’s been some time since I’ve blogged, and even longer since patch 3.3.0 came out, introducing the Dungeon Finder tool to the live realms.  After having busily geared up my dear priest to a desired level, or more accurately – as far as I could go, I decided to look for something else to do.  Get a life?  Nah, f**k that.  The answer I reached was to make an alternate character!  Who doesn’t do that at least once in their wow gaming ‘career’, huh? Read more…

World of Warcraft ~ Understanding Endgame

February 14, 2010 2 comments

This post is fueled by a rant I have held back more than just once for players who simply don’t get what they’re doing; DKs in spell-power gear, Discipline Priest without Power Word:Shield on their action bars, Hunters speccing all their points in one talent tree (occasionally having half a dozen of unspent points), gemming expertise on a warlock, leaving half your rogue’s gear unenchanted…

Yes, these are all mistakes that will happen when you’re misinformed or simply new to the game.  It doesn’t take much effort, nor is it too complicated to understand what’s what to each class, but indeed it can be horrendous for a new player grasping all of these basics.  And rather than being yet another one who complains openly and successfully achieving an “Elitist Jerk” title (which surely beats a clueless failure – and what the thread starter says is pretty true). Read more…

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WoW ~ Introduction to PVP – Part 1 Battlegrounds

February 12, 2010 1 comment

A major selling point of WoW nowadays is the PVP side of the game, where players clash against one another with pure competitive spirit.  Since WoW’s launch, pvp was available to an extent, but nowhere close to what it is now.  It was lacking to say the least, and it simply consisted of promises, rather than reality.

PVP eventually evolved and out of it sprouted Battle Grounds, Arenas, and siege-powered (:P) PVP grounds such as Wintergrasp.

The main concept is having Horde and Alliance clash against one another, and blizzard seems to have done a fairly good job at transmitting realistic attitudes to each other’s side (A reference to Alliance vs Horde discussions, killing your brain cells on a daily basis!), fueling their need to beat one another and dominate the field of war. Read more…

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