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March 2011 Updates–Guilds and Troubles[again]

This is for you Silent, be grateful you useless piece of breakage Surprised smile.

Let’s discuss, once again – oh hell yeah?! GUILDS.

It’s about the only thing which is strictly MMO related that I can write about.  I’ll be adding some other stuff in regards to my Let’s Play channel on YouTube and so on and so forth soon enough, but for this particular blog post I’ll just stick to something a little bit more personal (I guess?)

Another Break

Let’s start off by saying I’m out of WoW for yet another period of time.  Now don’t paint the bad picture here – I thoroughly enjoyed the game and was glad to be part of the launch, but as Nick said – they don’t deserve the sub.  No, really – paying 15 bucks every month where all you get is an initially good game, which is later followed up with a bunch of bullshit “content additions” is just not worth it.

The next big patch is just old content getting recycled (literally) and a couple of quests added (once again – literally) with some pets and mounts (recycled skins).  Yeah … NO.

With that out of the way, it’s well known that players will play regardless – and I’d still be playing where it not for the current state of the guild.  I didn’t want to make a big deal out of it (and I didn’t) so I decided to simply leave when things turned dark.

Let’s start off by saying things were going very bad just past Christmas.  It’s understandable that literally nothing happens (and nothing did happen) during Christmas time (even though the guild claims to be hardcore progression type), but to take a solid 2 week break after we move on to 2011, that’s just pure pathetic.

Anyways, the boredom made itself clear and an Officer, close friend of mine, was voicing his concerns to me.  It happened for quite a while and I was in agreement with what he was saying and decided, knowing he would never voice his own concerns, to be the dumbass to bite the bullet and simply write a “Fix yourself or break totally” document which turns out to be a multi-thousand word document – wall of text standard, which is my default template for breaking people.

The result was rage.  Yeah, I addressed favoritism amongst officers and this Officer felt like she had to snap at me.  I never even mentioned her name but she was the one chatting me up trying to punch a few nails in my head.  Well… might as well reply and make it clear, even though I avoided pointing fingers at anyone to stop from sounding like a dickhead who’s trying to cook up pointless fights.

As such, I replied once again to them with a similar, more compressed, document and had it posted.  The whole point was to get them active again, offered my position as an officer should they need it and told them in general that if things ain’t gonna start moving I’m out.

Things did move… for a whileimage

This is where things got really dark and dull for me.  I initially found it quite refreshing to see my feedback have some sort of impact – but it wasn’t the kind of impact I had hoped for.  This wasn’t a “We bow down our heads, most of what you said is in fact true and we’ll try to change – let’s work together to make this a better guild, amirite bitch?” but more of a “You’re wrong – we’ll show you, twat!” kind of reply.

Now hear me out – what I did say was true because it was OBVIOUS and backed up by an officer amongst them (4 total, 1 of which was essentially explaining most of the stuff out, and I was simply writing it down and voicing it as a concern of my own, since he sure as hell wouldn’t have lol…)  The boredom and inactivity was oozing out of our guild everywhere and until I had made my post nothing was happening.

Two days later, once the weekend had passed, the calendar got choked with mass invites to raid and we got started.  Slowly and surely we made some progression, downing several bosses and gaining some momentum.

I felt as if there was a high level of tension between Officers but I honestly didn’t give a fuck.  I was playing to kill bosses and that’s exactly what was happening.

I had no intention of pushing it in any shape way or form because I was genuinely happy with the results.  These results didn’t keep up for long.

Slowing Down

The difference between an honest, mature answer to my suggestion and what they did was simply the fact that they didn’t genuinely want to improve the situation of the guild.  They enjoyed being officers and doing this and that and for the most part they were “wanking”.  At least, so I was told by Nick, an officer (the officer, rather) amongst them.

The wiping was starting to become more often and people were just being cycled in and out, every time.  Something a tad more “personal” happened between the Guild Master and the female officer (they were together – notice “were”) and well, whatever – drama was a-cookin’.  Once again, I felt like I didn’t give a shit – I had my fair share of drama in games like WoW and I wasn’t having any more of it.

I left the game.  For good, until they fixed that shit – is what I thought.  I didn’t tell anybody directly and slowly let them know I was just busy with other stuff.  It was best for both me and them since this will avoid having repercussions on the guild in general, and they enjoyed their own little snack parties with a lot of underground pressure going in and out.

Here we are, with several guild runs which mostly consist of alts and pugs and fuck all progression.  Several members hating on each other and even friendships slowly cracking up a bit.  The beauty of games Smile.

Well thankfully plenty of more interesting games are coming up, and if I’m to ever be part of a guild which is made up of similar members, I’ll make sure to be amongst them in a position where I actually have control, and don’t feel like a fuckin’ toy soldier, ready for the slaughter, getting in the way of most stray bullets.

The Conclusion

Regardless, I’m feeling good about life in general!

I’m out of that nasty business called WoW drama, and I’m enjoying this new computer built I got together, knocking a solid $3,000 – this thing’s a monster!

An i7 950 @ 3.06Ghz stock clocks, with a monster Gainward GTX 580 Graphic Card, 6 comfortable, spacious Gigs of RAM (tri channel) and 2 TB of Hard Disk drive space.  Self-built with hardcore and ultra-clean cable management (took me an hour and a half with the assistance of a class mate).

Most importantly of all is my Headset.  This thing costs a solid $170 – Sennheiser PC 350, but the 2 cans which are loaded on both ends fire bass like a monster, are extremely comfortable, and if I were to gain a proper sound card with headphone amplification as opposed to the onboard I have, I’d be blastin’ my head off for sure (and bustin’ a nut too, most probably).

It’s a great feeling to be able to be on a swift-as-the-wind system which shrugs off and doesn’t break a sweat on any and all games being run on it, and looks hardcore as well as acts as a decent room-heater.

Now once Guild Wars 2 comes out, oh yeah – that’s when we’ll be on FIRE!

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