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Enter Cataclysm

It is no big news at this point that Cataclysm turned out to be quite a game changer for World of Warcraft.  This is the 3rd expansion, and rather than expanding and adding a ton of new content, Blizzard decided to add some, and refine what there was.


Azeroth under went surgery (it failed – got nuked) and while resources have lessened, and plenty of new problems arose, Deathwing will be watching and smokin’ us out every now and again to remind us what this expansion is all about.

Everyone’s busy improving their characters and doing their best to reach the summit in either pvp, pve or sucking.

Plenty of players still shocked at the step-up of difficulty when it comes to playing the class, compared to Wotlk expansion while some, like me, are eagerly hoping for the difficulties to keep steadily increasing and help refine and improve the player base.

Initially I joined a great deal of pugs with which we got absolutely dismantled.  At this point I’m starting to see more solid groups, even when fully pugged that at times outperform our guild-created groups (mainly because we tend to have a weakly geared leecher getting boosted).

The Problems

Nothing is perfect, and Cataclysm does indeed have a few major flaws to it.  In the end it’s all very much playable and while flaws do pop up, nothing is game-breaking.  Class design is still being tweaked and improved.

In the end, it still feels like it’s the same old game.  The mobs will still stand there doing nothing, until you pull and one of the two dies.  Seen the mobs, countless times pass by their comrades, ignore the fact they’re being slaughtered and non-chalantly pass by.  Sure it’s not a bug, you don’t need to see it as a flaw, but it’s not something that sits right with me.  The design is at this point craving for improvements from my point of view as a WoW enthusiast.

The Grinds

Still there, healthier than ever.  You’ll enjoy them, and at times absolutely loath them.  I believe it’s been the former case for the most part.

Get to 85, get your PVE gear, enchant it, gem it, gain reputation for better gear, reputation for specific enchants, get PVP gear, enchant it and gem it, raise arena rating, gear for that too, back to PvE, get working on raid progression.  The grinding cycle will never stop.

You may reach it’s end, but it will inevitably loop you back in by sending you to some alt you might have, or throw you out and make you quit WoW for a few months, only to come back and feel like you should have never stopped in the first place.

New found interest

I was never really a fan of PvP in WoW.  And honestly speaking, I find it broken for the most part.  Lately, however I’ve become increasingly more interested into it, and decided to slowly gear up for being slightly more viable and successful when facing enemies.  There are times you’ll get absolutely wrecked, other times you’ll wreck them.

It’s happy-times do not, in my opinion, out-weight the sheer annoyance you’ll go through due to broken systems.  And no, I ain’t saying broken as in “I got killed by a warrior *AGAIN* UWEE nerf please!” kind, I’m speaking about actually broken game mechanics which should be doing something and that something doesn’t happen, or happens incorrectly.

It will most certainly screw you up heavily and the time taken to have these fixed is simply unreliable.  Regardless it does have it’s great moments should you stumble upon an interesting team of players in a random battleground that work together, or join arenas against comps which weren’t built to simply “crush the opposition” by class hoppers.

My Plans

At this point my plans simply involve playing the game, discovering and leveling up different classes and in general have fun.

A few new subjects I developed interest in and don’t plan on giving up on ‘em are making gold, and covering the Shadow Priest class for PvE, seeing I’ve pretty much lived through thin and thick with it at this point, and absolutely love its concept and play-style.  That’s exactly what my next post will be about.  Introduction to a Shadow Priest for newbies and other classes who are interested in getting a general idea about what our class involves.

Future posts will most probably cover some more in-detail speculation about the class mechanics, such as Mastery scaling and Best in Slot gearing, how I pre-plan my gearing methods, and details about my WoW interface.

Looking forward towards raiding as well of course!  Now that Christmas holidays are over we should be able to get our raiding team back together for some chain wiping on normal mode 10 man raid bosses! 😉

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