Gaming Attitudes

I’ve published a similar post before, but I decided to rewrite it since it was quite outdated, and could use a brush up on both English and presentation.  This post is about Gaming Attitudes we commonly meet while playing multiplayer (online) games.

I encounter many of these types quite often, less so since I joined LotRO, whose community is smaller and more mature, but I still occasionally encounter a black sheep.  The black sheep become “the sheep” in WoW, and the more mature attitudes are like golden nuggets, which apparently are extremely hard to stumble upon.

The List

The list of attitudes goes like so:

  • The Noob
  • The Dumbass
  • The Newb
  • The Jackass
  • The Friend

In order of failure, highest first.  Following is my personal view on each of the above.

The Noob is by far the types I dislike the most.  Also the only attitude I simply don’t want to play with wherever I am.  I find this kind of players in a guild, I’ll cross it out of the list.  I’ll meet a party with at least 2 of these idiots, I’ll most probably take my leave – with or without making up an excuse.

The main concern is that these kind of players consider themselves good, when at best, they might be “mediocre” or completely off tracks.  They probably never did real endgame content and don’t know the core mechanics of the game.  They “assume” most important parts of the game, and have a strong conviction their instinct is always right.

Their online social activity consists of basically a tag war with other individuals to try and show everybody else how awesomesauce they really are.  If bragging fails, it’s extremely important to insult everybody by calling them “noob”.  I don’t use the word itself other from a reference as it’s being used now.  I myself hate the word, and it’s been like so for a very long time (6 years I believe since I condemned the word).

I don’t get upset over people calling others (or me) that anymore, but it does suck away the fun of online multiplay when people act “noobish”.  This is the only attitude I personally hate, simply because it’s the only one I can’t find any positive ends to it.

The Dumbass is, sadly, a rare breed in most games.  When you do spot one, you’re in for some fun, and many, many deaths.  They’re just … idiots.  Not the bad idiots but rather the funny ones.  The one trait which distinguishes them from noobs, is that they simply don’t chat.  Be it because of a language barrier or inability to play & chat at the same time, is not something I know.

These kind of players, game-wise – FAIL.  Most commonly present as tanks who, out of a pull of 10 mobs, they’ll hug only one of them, and let the rest go rogue on the fellowship/party.  They simply won’t chat back, they might take it very slow, as if they expect every power-hungry class to take a solid wank and then make another pull, when everyone’s about to die of boredom.  They tend to do a couple of very obvious mistakes over and over.  They’re oblivious to the fact they might be doing it… well, just wrong.

No online social activity whatsoever, which makes me look at them as mystical, mysterious beings, who occasionally visit me to help me help myself to a few laughs.  Did that make sense?

Finally, I have to say I love this kind of attitude, provided I’m not surrounded by it.  An occasional messup, especially when you’re surrounded by friends makes the gaming experience, truly a unique one.

The Newb is not to be confused with “noob”.  The newb(ie) is a new player.  Some may be extremely smart and intelligent which takes them only a few days to mature into a solid gamer you’d enjoy playing with, others take their damn sweet time, and may never really get there.  This is the kind of attitude which tends to be possibly the best or the worst to encounter.

You can end up stuck with a very sticky type who cannot rely on anyone else but you, and pretends you’re there for him and only him.  I remember myself being like so when I first started MMOs.  Meeting this kind of player makes me want to either help them, or punch them till their teeth are history.

Socially they can be interesting, airheads, annoying and a good deal more.  They vary a lot, mainly because it’s the position every new player assumes, until they find which other category I listed above, they best fit in.  And just like babies, they eventually grow up and stop being as interesting or amusing to the rest of us.

The Jackass is a type which I myself occasionally become, and so do the rest of my mates.  It’s not full-time, persistent a-holeness mind you, but it can get pretty ugly.  It sometimes conflicts with elitism and can become hell if you end up this type of person’s target.  They’ll start ripping off at you till you’re naked and bleeding.

On the fun side, they can be hella funny.  Especially when you meet any of the above mentioned stereotypes.  They use these ingredients to craft up some major humor which may go down in the form of screenshots or a fragment of history which will circle your guild/kinship.

Socially they’re my 2nd most favorite.  Staying on their good/neutral side is all it takes to make them your friends.  Piss ‘em off and you sink down very fast.  I guess in the respect, that makes me one of them, but playing with one (other than myself) is always a fun experience when we mercilessly rip away at an idiot of some sort or other.

The Friend is the one stereotype which varies the most, from person to person.  This is obviously the kind of attitude you seek in a person which makes it fun for you to hang out with them, and throw them away at the sight of the opposite gender being present.

A mix of everything mentioned above, which lives in harmony with each other and remains balanced is what comoposes a friend.  Can be a noob, a newb, a dumbass, a friggin jackass or me (huh?), they’re fun to hang out with and makes everything you take part in more fun.

The Peeps

It was a wow wiki post which had fueled me to write this post back in the day.  Since I was quite fresh at blogging the quality was mediocre (not that it’s much better now, but if you’re gonna judge give yourself the finger and save me some time ;)).

The post is the following, a pretty fun (and long) read, which is interesting if you’re already in endgame raiding.  You’ll notice you can effectively classify each person you raid/pug with with one of those.  Regardless, have fun reading and have a good day!

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