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How to level up your alt?

It’s been some time since I’ve blogged, and even longer since patch 3.3.0 came out, introducing the Dungeon Finder tool to the live realms.  After having busily geared up my dear priest to a desired level, or more accurately – as far as I could go, I decided to look for something else to do.  Get a life?  Nah, f**k that.  The answer I reached was to make an alternate character!  Who doesn’t do that at least once in their wow gaming ‘career’, huh?

To keep things simple, making an alt means you have a main character, generally level 80, loaded on epics, fully gemmed an’ enchanted, cleared all the high level raids available to date and — woah woah, level 80 is enough.  You can go do heroics (break or be broken at them, whatever floats your way) and get a ton of emblems.  The general idea is to pick whichever heirlooms your character may need prioritizing chest and shoulders since these grant you an experience boost of no less than 20%.

Now looking at all the tools one has available to date, we have to adapt to new leveling possibilities, which thankfully make our leveling experience a lot swifter and eaiser.  Thus, the following are the tools available for leveling your alt:

  • Heirlooms [20% boosted experience gained globally while the chest and shoulders are equipped – easily the best items in your level bracket beaten only, occasionally, by epics]
  • Dungeon Finder – Yep, you finally get to give all the bloody dungeons a shot, hopefully a good swift, solid run.
  • Wowhead – Bloody use it, dumbass!


A very secretive, hard to use, and barely accessible website called Google can help you find whatever heirlooms fit your character best.  Remember to prioritize the departments that are most important for your role, mainly:

  • Low downtime, aka high mana regeneration for a healer.
  • High sustained dps, without trading off too much downtime whenever possible.
  • High threat output, and a big health pool, going hand in hand with strong damage mitigation for tanking.

To give you an example, for my druid (which I focused solely to tank grind Dungeons), I chose the following:

Which prioritizes health and burst – as such, can take more punishment while at the same time pumping out more threat to keep the mobs beating on me.  Research got you as far as this post, so it shouldn’t be hard to pick up a few good items for your class of choice.

Dungeon Finder

In no shape, way, or form, should you ever thing this will completely take over questing or leveling professions.  To be able to plough through dungeons comfortably you need both good gear, and decent experience.  Setup your interface in a way you’re comfortable with, have all abilities clearly show and make sure you don’t have it so cluttered you can’t see jack shit except frames and more frames.  Always play your role and enforce fast, continuous movement during the full duration of the instance.

I’m the tank, so that helps me set the pace.  I adjust depending on what healer I have assigned to me, as well as the strength and mobility of our dps.  I oftenly chain whole mobs of enemies together and charge from one group to the next once i’m fairly positive their threat is high enough for them to stick to me.

  • As a tank make sure all mobs are on you, your cooldowns are being comfortably used but not wasted, your healer and dps are able t keep up with what you’re trying to tank, and you’re not giving them too much free time to drink tea and take a wank.  What?  We all do that at some point… pfft.
  • As a healer keep your tank topped up, give him any abilities that will aid him in staying alive and mercilessly take on more mobs then usual, opening up aoe abilities for your dps.  If possible announce incoming mobs and be the beacon that directs the whole group along the right path.  It’s generally necessary when you have a clumsy tank.
  • As a dps pump out your best, but don’t make your tank worry about your threat.  That slows the group down overall, and also puts more pressure on the healer if they have to heal you too along with the tank.  Use all threat dumping utilities and NEVER, EVER pull.  That’s the tanks job, unless you feel it’s more than safe and you’re lending him a hand in grabbing more mobs for a bigger, merrier gangbang party!


This is the MAIN source of information.  Not only will it give you a general idea of what’s there to do in most dungeons, guide you to complete the quests efficiently and avoid you wasting time (provided you read the comments), but it will also help you setup a good gear list for your character.  Using a weight scale you can rank all items available, get tons of information as to where to get them, as well as possible alternatives, and draw out a profile with what you want your character geared with.

Whenever you’re stuck or clueless about something, use wowhead, it’s generally the best way to resolve most puzzles you’re faced with in WoW.

Final Comments

With all of that said, another thing I’d like to hint you upon would be to get friends to level up with you.  If you’re both geared, know each other, and are experienced with the game, leveling up will go tons of times faster, especially if you both fill the tanking and healing role, it makes the whole group progression faster through the instance, and it’s kept stable.  Mistakes are forgiven and failures are laughed off.  If the dps don’t like it, they know the way out.  Getting a bad group shouldn’t let you hesitate from leaving the party, knowing you’ll quickly find another one once the debuff is out.  As long as you research and stay perceptive to whatever’s going on around you, leveling your alt will go tons of times faster, with minimal support coming from your main!

  1. Silent
    March 14, 2010 at 10:45 am

    Get a life :p

    Very informative WoT :o.

  2. Wolf
    March 26, 2010 at 9:43 pm

    Bite me! 😛

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