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WoW ~ Introduction to PVP – Part 1 Battlegrounds

A major selling point of WoW nowadays is the PVP side of the game, where players clash against one another with pure competitive spirit.  Since WoW’s launch, pvp was available to an extent, but nowhere close to what it is now.  It was lacking to say the least, and it simply consisted of promises, rather than reality.

PVP eventually evolved and out of it sprouted Battle Grounds, Arenas, and siege-powered (:P) PVP grounds such as Wintergrasp.

The main concept is having Horde and Alliance clash against one another, and blizzard seems to have done a fairly good job at transmitting realistic attitudes to each other’s side (A reference to Alliance vs Horde discussions, killing your brain cells on a daily basis!), fueling their need to beat one another and dominate the field of war.

At this point we should skip all the lore related to it, since I’m fairly sure http://www.wowwiki.com will be more than enough to help you on that matter.  On the other hand, I’d like to start by introducing the reader to the practical PvP side of the game.


I’ll keep it simple ~ since I’m not planning on covering everything, nor do I know everything, but starting out with what’s probably one of the most frequented PVP zones, would be appropriate.

Battlegrounds are – when stripped down to their core components – team reliant encounters where domination of a certain object is necessary, be that the capturing of flags or control of various resource points.  Regardless, underestimating the word “Team” will generally set you at a disadvantage globally during the duration of the battlegrounds.

I’ll brush up on battlegrounds softly, what it’s about and what’s to be expected from it.

What’s it about?

In essence you’re meant to work together as a team to defeat the objective you’re aiming for.  Taking the two most common battlegrounds as an example, WSG and AB (linked above), If the raid group splits up into a setup of a certain group defending the flag, while another one attacks, it would definitely beat a free roam situation, which would easily be defeated with the aforementioned strategy.  Roaming players would be picked up one by one by the offensive group and the tactless players get ploughed through so easily it ain’t even funny.

A lot of mistakes I see happening, and sometimes I’m one of those stubborn fools who knowingly do them, is the inability to predict defeat, and attempt to prevent it with a simple tactic called “leg it off”.  No, this is not a brain-dismantling codename for some diabolically devised plan to always win, but instead it means what i says – RUN.

Why run, when I can just give it my best shot, die and go at it again?

For a start it would be stupid to just get killed and lose any potential buffs you may have had, as well as avoid helping your enemies feel better with your pointless massacre.  Yes, if you boost their morale and make them feel dominant, they’ll be automatically playing stronger, while on the other hand your side slowly weakens.  Players who don’t have the will to fight will never have a chance to win in the first place, even if they could match up against it and beat the opposition.

Without a doubt if you’re the only dumbass who trots down screaming bloddy murder at the <faction opposite to your choice> lily livered bastards, living off corn, your friend might take that as an encouraging (as well as desperate) attempt to show them defeat doesn’t matter, but dying without putting up a fight does!  And they’ll charge (only to have the opponents go apemonkey on them and wipe regardless).  Still the point here stands, useless deaths are best avoided.  It keeps you sane (for longer, if nothing else), and also grants you control over the situation you’re in.

Getting 3 killing blows while dying once at times beats getting 50 killing blows and dying 30 times, because most probably those 3 killing blows could have changed the tide of the game, while the other 50 where just brainless ganking and zerging the opposition, which rarely do any good.

Another, generally underestimated, strength I’d like to point out during battlegrounds is a pre-known group of friends you like teaming up with and joining the Battleground together (applies only to non pre-made BGs) will totally give you an edge over the opposition.  That is, if your teamplay with them is at an average level or above.

Battleground tactics tend to rarely be considered during non-premades, so reading up on those might turn out to be futile, but understanding various ways to beat a game will still give you more control over it, and control is power.

One final note revolves around WoW basics.  Gear and Talent Specification.  One major change from PVE to PVP gear is the need for resilience.  Remember that players are not simple artificial intelligence preprogrammed to beat on the dude who looks most threatening, over the ones who look most breakable.  Indeed, you have to watch your survivability, moreso the case if you’re a clothie – it’s not uncommon to be 1 shot when your resilience is below 400.

Research your class and see what stats will favor your chosen talent specification ( I recommend you look this up as well, making sure it’s PVP and also understand the role it will give you.  Some specs are meant to heal while others to burst kill, some more tend to revolve around supportive or centric classes.  This becomes a lot more dominant in arenas moreso than battlegrounds, but that’s for another time.

As for final thoughts, it’s important to research about your class to build a solid understanding as well as practice.  And with practice I mean “Head into the fray!” and club them bastards to death (or mind melt them, whichever suits you most ).  Experiment different builds and never underestimate the power of surprise.  If you go with something unusual for your opponent, chances are they won’t be prepared for such a thing and won’t have a counter – letting you control the pace and path of the fight, hopefully resulting in your win.

Get out there, slug them with your bludgeons, melt their brains and squeeze their mother-lovin’ powers from ’em – TO WAR(craft…)!!

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