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There’s always a start, and that applies to everything.  The first step we take is most probably the most important one.  I’ve always been one for the crazy uncollected thoughts, and either repeating ideas to myself until my head burst, or writing it down and reading it over was and still is the only way for me to get it right and organized.

I’ve been interested in writing a blog for quite some time now, although WoW wasn’t the topic I had in mind back then.  I wanted to give it a shot while aiming to put myself as the audience.

I believe it would be a good start to tell myself who I am, since as funny as it may sound, I’m not too sure about that.  18 last november 1st, semi-forced myself to resign from the first year of the second college I attended due to illness – first time to ever happen in such a severe magnitue – I gave WoW another shot seeing my friends were aiming for it.

It was me and 3 more mates of mine who started on the European realm, Blade’s Edge.  I picked out the server myself, researched population, interested in hitting Alliance up for the (severely overpowered) human racial “Every Man for Himself”.  That’s right, 4 of us fools rolling human.  Cheers.

It was a slow start, with no real help except from the swiftly created 55 DKs to help up with our lower and main characters in mat collection and instance boots for gear and experience.

We ploughed through the classic content, some of us losing morale due to its sluggishness and totally non-linear questing path (forcing you to roam all over azeroth, which is very time consuming due to lack of teleports and flying mounts, excluding northrend of course). We hit outlands, slightly slowing down my pace a bit, and regaining it once in northrend, taking me just a few days to 80.  I have to admit I totally wasn’t going for a speed run here.  In total I spent above 15 days leveling, mostly idling in some city for battlegrounds, quitting them midway due to my health situation, which lasted for approximately 2 months.

I hit 80, along with my friends (2nd to get there, right after the mentally and skillfully overpowered mate of mine (we’re heavily petitioning blizzard staff to nerf his brain), and was up to face my first ever wotlk experience.

I had played pretbc, but I was a total nubcake back then.  I was in fact, new to MMOs.  I gave no effort when burning crusade was out, and on wotlk I tried at it’s release, totally losing interest before I reached outlands and eventually succeeding to level 80 the third time round.

In total I guess it was 2 years spent on WoW, on and off.  I never really accumulated too much knowledge about the game except for the last 5 months, which I dedicated fully to discovering and playing around with the interface, as well as researching various details about my class (priest) and eventually heading out to find more about the classes I play with.  I’ve always been one for understanding what the heck I’m doing while I do it, rather then just give it my best shot and possibly see me fail heavily.

It’s time to wrap it up for the day – I don’t want to overstrain my already tired brain, and I’ve hopefully got several hurdles ahead of me which I’ll do my best to tackle with my guild.  That about does it for the first blog of my life, and while this one was fairly heavy on suckage, I’m confident I’ll be improving at a steady pace – wolf out! 🙂 DNFZV2RYBXVG

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